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Desert Blooming Cactus
© by C. J. Reaven Borosque

I saw you unfold like a petal
Blooming like some desert cactus
Your fingers became hard and spiny
And when I clasped your hand I bled
You kissed me sucking in my breath
Your nails digging into my flesh
You swallowed me whole and I became
One with your roots, that spread like thin spiderwebs
Underneath the soil
Where decomposing hands and feet and little parts of
the World lay, breathing in the stillness and the dust
Everything lay at your feet,
the universe like a platter
Gleamed brightly in your eyes,
and as you inhaled it seemed to
Swell, and color grew bold and black around you.
Your leaves spread to it's farthest corners and little
black thrones sprouted
On your hands and lips.
I sat in one, and watched the ebony tears rain down
from the sky like diamonds,
To settle in the soil and nourish your roots.

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