Rutger's 2008 Rutger Hauer Film Factory Closing Speech

(given at the Rotterdam International Film Festival on January 31, 2008)

Dear audience, friends, geniuses and lovely fools.
Filmfestival, City of rotterdam, Inholland volunteers,
Jaques, Harry, Fellow Filmmakers.

It'd be silly to make a long speech before a screening of a bunch of shorts.

Last year before the opening night I could have been brilliant but unfortunately I had lost my voice.
Allow me to take this opportunity to spit out an improved version of the same idea and turn up the volume.

Our first year was a dress rehearsal anyway.
What I was going to say then and what I was hoping for is here now.
THIS is what I was hoping for.

So no need to get waxy there.
Waxy. You know. Like earwax.

city of proud post-war building and architecture
I present a new virtual house we built for you. Please take notice.
It is just as real as it is fragile.

You are responsible for the damage we created.
And we are proud of it.
But what possessed you to believe that this would work?
At first sight we are such unlikely partners.
Are you mentally and fabulously disturbed?
Yes, we see a future in new media.
We do.
And so did you.
But what possessed you?
And how did I get so lucky.

I am fabulously greatful.
You have been the rock
like the rock in ''rock & roll''.
You gave us the chance to
roll out the red carpet of our minds.
Tolerating our babysteps two years in a row.
We took a smaller budget and less publicity
And turned it into an advantage.
If there will be a third year we'll even work
Twice as fast and twice as cheap.

We are presenting 12 larger smaller & smallest
movies and 2 documentaries
And more than a handful works in progress.

Plus the promise of a
future European collective of filmmakers
In development.

Intending to reinvent
we find ourselves refreshed and ready to kick some fabulous asses.

How exciting and how fragile we are still.
What fun.

I congratulate you all for
being here instead of another screening.
It is a moment for all and will last a lifetime for some.

As devine as you are, you humble me.

Furthermore, I won't thank my dog, or my mother
Or my babydoll.
Or god which is the reverse of dog anyway.

To you my younger and older children of these ten days.
I know it was rough.
I know some of you suffered.
Big deal.
Send a textmessage. But get over it.
I say goodbye to you
And wish you well.

We gave you an understanding
that was already yours.
Embrace rawness of truth and imperfection.
If possible. Be kind madly. Be kinky. Be fearless.
And compassionate.
Change the world each single day.
And by the way
It's really not what it appears to be.
Hell no.
Hell no.
And all we see is not all ok.

Don't forget, we love you
as much as we all love making movies

Enjoy each step

Because every single frame
from your
pretty mind is one step
4 mankind.